S4 Andarine

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(50 mg x 30 ml)


S4 Andarine stimulates the growth of muscles and helps to retain them. According to its chemical properties, S4 belongs to the group of chemicals known as selective androgen receptor modulators which bind to androgen receptors and create selective anabolic activeness at certain androgen receptors.

Compared to the testosterone and other anabolic steroids, the advantage of SARMs such as S4 Andarine is that they do not possess bone and muscle tissue affecting androgenic activeness. It was originally designed to treat diseases such as muscle loss, osteoporosis, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. It’s popular in bodybuilding society as an additional supplement to the cycle since it accelerates the other drug’s action and fat loss process.

Also, it can restore skeletal muscle and can be used as the muscle atrophy treatment, and hormone therapy for men. Because it has a milder effect than other drugs it helps to avoid anabolic steroids side effects such as reduced testosterone, prostate hypertrophy, cardio threat, the danger of hepatitis or hepatotoxicity.

S4 Andarine:

– Improves power performance;

– Increases muscle mass;

– Has 1/3 the same androgenicity in muscle tissue as testosterone;

– Completely non-toxic to the body and it’s great as a Supplement to PCT to maintain muscle volume and strength.

S4 Andarine belongs to the class of SARM drugs that selectively interact with receptors of muscle and bone tissue – without disturbing their work. Unlike most similar drugs, S4 Andarine has no negative effect on metabolism, does not increase cholesterol, does not affect the heart and does not retain water.

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