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YK-11 is selective androgen receptor modulator that increases muscle mass. In fact, it has more powerful anabolic effects than usual steroids. YK11 binds with androgen receptor thus causing several androgen effects such as blocking the formation of myostatin in the body and allowing follistatin to drastically increase a muscle mass. Both proteins are naturally occurring compounds in the human body which have opposite functions in the body. Its effect is considered more potent than its analogs as it helps to build up lean muscle mass quickly and efficiently.

The advantage of YK-11 over anabolic steroids that it doesn’t affect testosterone level in the body but stimulates the releasing of proper hormones, and unlike steroids, it has a positive impact on mental health as it helps to cope with stress and anger. This, on its hand, makes YK-11 safer for an extended period cycle without risk of having side effects. It increases physical stamina by making muscles harder and prepares the body for new challenges.

The only function of myostatin is to slow the growth of muscle mass, so that the animal or person does not become a pile of unnecessary muscles, which can not be fed, and the ligaments and joints won’t be able to hold it. Experiments in animals have shown that the shutdown of myostatin receptors leads to an increase in dry mass by 200-300%. There are people who has a mutation of the gene encoding myostatin. All of them were characterized by abnormal (strong) development of muscle mass. What does selective regulator of androgen receptors YK11 have to do with myostatin? Most direct. The mechanism of action of this SARM is realized through receptors to androgens, and the final result of the interaction of YK11 with these receptors is the production of follistatin – another protein, whose task is to deactivate myostatin. It turns out that YK11stimulates the synthesis of the “blocker of inhibitor” of muscle growth. It increases the level of the regulator in the muscles, which suppresses the activity of another regulator that blocks muscle growth. The result of double negation is obvious, it is a rapid set of muscle mass!

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