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AICAR (5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide) is a chemical compound and its function is to increase metabolism and maintain muscle tone. It helps to stay in great physical shape and to retain muscle mass in the absence of physical activity. It increases physical endurance and the rate of lipolysis at 50% providing body with energy. It enables to keep muscle tone and muscle mass in excellent physical shape without regular physical exercise or extra exercising.

Also, it is useful for those people who has no time, or not healthy enough for regular exercise. It can block certain enzymes that are inside and outside of the cells stimulating glucose uptake and protein kinases in skeletal muscle. Due to this, the body produces more energy processing which allows burning a fat and helps to maintain gained muscle mass. It directly affects and improves the physical stamina helping to show high physical performance.

Benefits of Aicar:

– actively burns adipose tissue, blocking the synthesis of adipose acids speeds up metabolism;

– gives a powerful charge of efficiency and energy;

– allows you to maintain a toned and athletic body, even in the absence of physical activity;

– supports the immune system even under extreme conditions;

– the product is made using natural raw materials, so it has no side effects and absorbs easily.

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