Follistatin 344

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Follistatin 344 is a natural peptide that exists in the human body, and its function is inhibition of myostatin occurrence in the body. Myostatin is the component of a human hormonal system that restricts the smooth development of the large muscles by suppressing the growth of them and leading to degradation of skeletal muscle fibers.

Engaging in interaction with activin protein, peptide blocks its ability to stimulate the production of the follicle-stimulating hormone.

Due to delaying and preventing of forming myostatin, the muscle mass will greatly grow. It can help bodybuilders to enlarge muscle tissues and to achieve impressive muscle mass rapidly and strengthen them. Follistatin starts the fat-burning process in brown fat deposits and increases physical endurance.

The presence of Follistatin in the human body is vital, as the myostatin negatively affects muscle tissue, and in the case of excess levels of myostatin, there were observed the accumulation of fat reserves in the body even with a balanced diet and degeneration of the muscular tissue into fat.

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