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Hexarelin also has the second name as Examorelin, is a product that enhances the secretion of Growth Hormone and it affects in the similar way as GHRP-6 does.

It is claimed to be one of the strongest synthetic Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone that helps to achieve desirable results. It contains the amino acid chains that stimulate the releasing of Growth Hormone during its administration.

Like many Growth Hormone products, Hexarelin has many benefits to health. It improves metabolism and also helps for losing fat, it has recovery properties that can speed up the healing process and widely is used as a post-injury cure.

At this point, the results showed that it is more effective than its analogs as it has strong cellular regeneration and anti-aging properties. It doesn’t increase Ghrelin levels in the body like GHRP-6 even if they have very similar structures.

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