HGH FRAG 176-191 (AOD-9604)

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HGH FRAG 176 191 (also know as AOD-9604 ) is an abbreviation of Anti-Obesity Drug and it is also known as a Tyr-hGH fragment. By its amino acid sequence, it induces lipolysis process of the human growth hormone that is responsible for burning fat and controlling the metabolism. Also, it improves the work of beta-3 receptors, which are necessary for body’s metabolism, and prevents the forming and reserving of fatty food product into body fat.

Many individual experiences have shown that it has no notable negative effects as it’s well-tolerated by the human body, and it’s barely detected in the blood. Along with its fat destructing properties, it can increase muscle tone, accelerate healing of the wounds and injuries, and improve the condition of the skin. It greatly decreases the body fat, destroys obese fat cells, and has no negative effects on the level of blood sugar, and it can slow the aging process.

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