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IGF-DES is next analog for IGF-1, with the same insulin-like growth factor, but its effectiveness increases ten times of original hormone. Its half-life lasts about 20-30 minutes and because of that, it creates a very gentle chain. And it’s recommended to apply it at sites where you want to develop muscles.

And as the previous peptide, it stimulates hyperplasia in the muscles, and its effectiveness higher than IGF-1 LR3, and it can be used longer and more often than IGF-1 LR3, but the duration of IGF-DES is shorter than its analog. The difference between these two peptides is their effectiveness and duration.

It’s able to bind receptors destroyed by lactic acid that is produced during exercise. This helps IGF-DES to connect with a changed receptor. It is assumed that IGF-DES, unlike LR3, launches hyperplasia in big amount. IGF-1 DES can engage a significantly larger number of receptors simultaneously, including partially damaged and lactic acid.

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