Melanotan 1

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Melanotan I is a synthetic MSH hormone that is naturally occurred in the body and its function is to help to produce melanogenesis (pigmentation of the skin). Melanotan I stimulates the generation of melanin in the body and it’s more potent than its natural analog.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the most effective way to prevent skin cancer is to stimulate the activity of melanin in the body or tan. To avoid the negative effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin recommended in advance stimulating the natural color that will protect skin from it.

Despite its effectiveness is inferior to the Melanotan II, it’s more friendly and safer to the body. Also, it only stimulates to activate melanocytes, and it doesn’t evoke sexual libido. This peptide fits to get rid of pigmentation problem and to achieve even tan. You will be perfectly tanned without experiencing harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight.

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