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PEG MGF or Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor is a peptide that helps to raise stem cell number in the muscle and let the muscle tissue cells restore. Natural MGF occurs locally and does not travel into the bloodstream.

Synthetic PEG MGF contains water and when it’s injected intramuscularly, expands into the bloodstream. Its previous analog, MGF, is formed in the liver then spreads to the bloodstream and its effect extends approximately 7 minutes before it splits away entirely.

Because of its short half-life, it might not be so comfortable at using. And PEG MGF is the more improved version of it as it has longer acting period. This happens because of added polyethylene glycol to the molecule chain that can provide the longer effect.

After exercises, the muscles are broken down and they need to be healed to have significant growth and increase in size and the PEG MGF is a perfect solution for post-training recover. It provokes satellite cells to come close to damaged muscle cells to recover and to grow as part of them allowing muscles to grow faster and larger. With the years the ability to generate satellite cells will decrease radically and it leads to sufficient muscle weight loss and to the disability of creating new ones. In such cases, PEG-MGF will be very helpful.

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