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Selank is a neuropeptide stimulating brain activity, decreases stress and increases an endurance to strong intellectual activity. It enhances memory, learning capacity, mental sharpness, reduces the emotional stress, mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, and fear, acts as a mild sedative, increases concentration, stimulates to a faster solution of problems, improves the speed of physical response, strengthens immunity, increases productivity.

It is perfect for those people who face the challenge of mental work. It’s a synthetic derivative of the tetrapeptide Tuftsin that is produced naturally in the body. It is a hexapeptide with a wide range of uses.

The significant difference of the Selank from Tuftsin is that the chain of Tufftsin consists 4 amino acids, whereas Selank has 7 amino acids, and these three additional amino acids can help Selank to function longer in the human body, due to a slower decay of the substance in the blood.

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